Keyboard shortcuts for mind map tool controls

For the Tweet Reply Map, with the mind map visualizer, the controls now have keyboard shortcuts.
  • [C] - Center view
  • [F] - Freeze
  • [U] - Untangle

New tool: User Followers

The idea of this tool is that it's an easy way to get a list of followers that you can copy and paste into a spreadsheet. That allows you to compare the list with prior versions of it, to see things like:
  • Who unfollowed the account
  • Who refollowed the account
  • Who changed their name and to what

More Tweet Reply Map improvements

For the mind map visualizer:
  • Better, more stable, more performant diagram
  • Diagram now created in a more ordered state
  • New "Untangle" button

Tweet Reply Map updates

New features and improvements for the mind map visualization:
  • Items entering the diagram are now less disruptive
  • New expandable control panel at right side of screen
  • New "freeze" button
  • New "center view" button

Fallacy Bot working again

Fallacy Bot got re-enabled.

Visit the Fallacy page for more info.

Fallacy Bot offline

Fallacy Bot got shut down, though I'm waiting for a response to a support ticket. I hope they re-enable the permission. It was off to a great start.

Fallacy Bot

Fallacy Bot is now running. It's a Twitter account that will reply to a Tweet with a fallacy hashtag with the definition of the fallacy.

Visit the Logical Fallacies page to see the table of fallacies and hashtags. There are 139!


The site's in beta. Contact with any feedback.

Tweet Reply Mind Map

The mind map visualization is working. Visit the Tweet Reply Map page for more info, and to use it.

The Tweet Reply Map takes a Tweet URL and visualizes all the replies and subreplies like a hierarchical, radial tree diagram.

The other visualization offered on the Tweet Reply Map page is a "simple tree," which offers better performance, and so is a better choice for Tweets with thousands of replies.